Turn rebates into revenue.

With Upfront, you can use government & utility rebates to dramatically lower prices for your customers at checkout.


How it works

Sign up to offer Upfront and save your customers $100s (sometimes $1000s) instantly.


Offer Upfront to customers

On the product page, we'll offer customers a rundown of all government and utility rebates that they might be eligible for.


We check eligibility

The customer fills out a short questionnaire so that we can prequalify them on the spot. If they choose to apply their rebate instantly with Upfront, they setup an account so that we can walk them through the rebate after the sale.


Customers save instantly

Customers check out through their payment method of choice, with all rebates factored out of their purchase price.


We settle the balance

Each week, we deposit the instantly redeemed rebates into your bank account and we settle the rebate with the government and/or utility.

EV chargers are the beginning

Today, we support US residential EVSE Level 2 rebates across the US. In the future we're looking to make every aspect of the everyday climate fight more affordable.

Ready to get started?

Getting started is simple. Pick a date & time to schedule a quick 25-minute intro call today. You can always reach us through our Contact Us page, email, or by giving us a call.

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