Our Team

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Andrew Hoskins

Co-Founder & CTO LinkedIn

Former engineer at Affirm from where he helped build servicing and payments systems scaling to billions of dollars in GMV.

Thomas Stephens

Co-Founder & CEO LinkedIn

Launched over 50 cities for DoorDash, and led expansion into Australia & Japan, DoorDash's first-non-North American markets

Aibek Sarbayev

Founding Engineer LinkedIn

Scaled Yelp's payment infra to support over $1B/year. Led optimization of search suggestions for 100M+ monthly users.

Also pictured: Frodo Sarbayev

Strib Walker

Founding Generalist LinkedIn

Executed/advised on 7+ completed acquisitions representing over $13B in total enterprise value at Morgan Stanley and the Jordan Company

We're backed by world-class investors

Our Advisors

Zara Fourmault

Advisor, Capital Markets. LinkedIn

Seasoned Capital Markets leader and advisor to early, mid- and late stage startups. Raised over $5B in debt from starter facilities to AAA rated securitizations in consumer and B2B lending products

Christina Miller

Advisor, Legal LinkedIn

DGC/founding member of Affirm’s legal team, advised on first-of-its-kind consumer finance and cap markets products. Experienced advisor to fintech clients on legal, regulatory, and operational matters

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